Projects is my main project. is a hive blockchain witness group ran primarily with rishi & mr edicted. Most of my projects are blokz first, but some have overlap with hextech and will eventually end up with them in some capacity.

Learn With Me

A simple webapp to Learn sightwords, numbers and letters. Currently you can click the words to have it spoken with a next button. Keeping the app as simple and uncluttered as possible for easy non distracted learning. Will eventually add seizure inducing flashy things that kids love to bombard their little brains with. Shapes & colors to be added, as well as a user profile type page which will display basic stats and progress within the app.

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my hive baby. a social media frontend for the $hive blockchain. Static site build, vanilla javascript, keeping libraries to a minimal as a goal... lots of work to do and such, but its a fully functional hive frontend. Lots to be added and changed still, the major ones currently being caching posts to indexeddb and possbily to a pocketbase db in the future. One aim for is to take away a bit of the crytocurrency and finance aspects of the blockchain, and instead focus on connecting better with the people you actually interact with daily, your personal community.

Make sure to use hive keychain for the best experience.

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a short javascript library to add a hive blog to any website. easy config and setup.

my blog
blokz updates


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Just edit the bits that look like they should be edited. clearly. lol.

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hive post export tool

Currently a tool to download hive posts in .md format as a .zip file. Will eventually also download custom_json and transactions in .csv format. Thinking about how to handle assets within the post, primarily images as most markdown editors support displaying them. Also looking at hive-engine possibities. As well as a content mirror of sorts outside of hive, either able to be selfhosted (it would be open-source) or using

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fair market value tool (hive)

a quick view at the current fair market value for Litecoin(swap.LTC) and Bitcoin(swap.BTC) for use on hive-engine. Also has a indicator for internal market based on market value. coingecko API used to fetch prices.

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a self-help / personal development plan siteI started some years ago and never fully fleshed out. has the start of something, some templating, and a lot of incomplete. The plan is to have 2 week long skillbooks, focusing on a specific skill or project. the first 2 weeks is guided, then you'd have a webapp and/or printable pdf (as well as probably some amazon kdp paperback) to use as a guide on the journey. will be free with no ads, maybe some affiliate / referral type links, but nothing advertisy.

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eventually will have a bunch of resources for setting up a homelab for projects such as nextcloud and other servers with as little as a spare computer scaling up towards a full rack.

Discord Bot (

a discord bot for the blokz community. Basics are setup and functional, connects to discord, responds to a few commands, fetches data from an api & posts portions of that information to a channel every 5 minutes (status updates).


Whatever experimental webapp tech I'm playing with can be found in the ../playground area. Currently tinkering with encryption(aes256), wordlists & pocketbase, not sure what i'll eventually build, but its just a project with no real aim at the moment. Exploring implementation of various javascript methodologies I'm unfamiliar with or otherwise working on, my little sandbox of learning if you will.


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all repos on are mirrors of github repos under either sn0n or blokz