I am Snahn ip
aka: sn0n
but really, Rob Foraker.


everyone: what is the point of using an alias if you just say who you are behind the alias?
rob: *shrugs* i like pi!

I've been interested in many things throughout life, Fantasy & SciFi always win, along with a good technology reference book, even manuals.

One of the first books I fell in love with was "the mammoth book", aka, the way things work, along with a book about a certain Mr. Jeremy Fisher.

At a young age I loved taking things apart, and occasionally putting them back together. Bonus points if they ended up working after the endeavour, eventually I figured out how to stop breaking things and fix em! From VCRs to Toasters, Radios to Slot cars, anything I could find, it was coming apart.

Software really started becoming a thing just before my teens, and I was instantly intrigued. I couldn't get enough of the dos terminal, making it do things, I was a real life wizard!!!

Slowly the web started to come about, I started playing less chess, and more Magic: The Gathering,.. learning more strategies for Magic, in those days you used thedojo, gave me a unique insight into the Internet as a storage space for useful information,.... I never would have been able to learn as much as I did about Magic just playing on a local level with access to only 2 shops otherwise. I worked at a bank taking supervisor calls for some years, fixed robots at amazon, sold magic cards at a shop and on my own, worked the World of Warcraft auction house like a Ferengi and Goblin had a love child....

I've always wanted to learn more for the sake of learning, try to create anything myself first, so I at least know the process,...

Breaking down a creative process in one area of life will have benefits in other areas, everything is connected, and figuring that out on your own, as we all should, is made much easier when you have that thirst for knowledge, for the sake of knowing.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed that little glimpse into me, and enjoy this site I've assembled for you, and selfishly, myself. Enjoy.

The above stolen & edited from personal.community/@sn0n


ok, moving right along...

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