With all the recent bull and bear talk, people bringing up gold standard and fiat phony money, forks and splits, dividend communities and general.. FUD.. it’s nice to look at the moon, appreciate it’s beauty, but don’t bark too loud, something bigger might bark back.

Ethereum Chart over the last month, with value in btc in orange

Funny thing about this chart,… yea, ethereum has been rising, but as the value of it has been going up, its being valued less and less in trade against the value of BTC.. down from 8.7% of a bitcoin to the current 7.3% of a coin.. with a peak of 1/10th the value of a bitcoin… Ethereum was the focus for a long while for alot of “investors” who believed in the tech.. but the old HODLERS of BTC are the winners day to day.. those who are trading cryptocurrencies like they are penny stocks in a virtual reality game aren’t doing too bad either if they make well informed smart decisions.. but getting there is a bit of a rush for most.. for those rushing.. HOLD BTC.. for those not rushing and want to feel the wind in your hair.. move funds from coinbase over to bittrex or another exchange and do some research on the various alt coins.. don’t go all in on any one tho.. it might be worth less then a tulip or World of Warcraft gold tomorrow.

So the finish out my headline… BTC STILL ON TOP… or is it?!?!

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