The answer lies in people working together enough on a global scale over a few generations. The solution is the revolution of information. When capitalism dies.. governments die.. no guns even need be raised… Victory by obscurity.. There are enough “smartphones” to have 10 in the hands of every human .. if we connect enough of “them” together.. replacing smartphone and them with computers or ‘net connected devices.. work on our problems like we did with the first and second digital revolutions.. The world is ours.. if you look at AI.. CryptoCurrencies.. connected means of communicating using the blockchain and otherwise.. put them all in the world box that we are in, and you can see the tools for everything to happen exists… The thing is… Humans are trained responses.. this is why a few more generations are needed.. we are still young in this project.. project of life. There is much more to be said on this topic… But none want to have a real discussion..  

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