honestly, you guys lost a long time and loyal customer today.. ive been buying books from you 1/2 price since 2004ish.. always with a lovely ‘and we will buy them back when your done’ type friendly reminder.. tonight was the worst experience of my life.. so i sort through my library of 300+ pick out the 20 im keeping with current interests.. throw out 15 that are just plain out of date.. and have a pile of 107 books.. i know some are still $17+ on ebay complete.. one even $68 completed and sold.. so i put those 16 on the side of the cart for single offers, first sign this was going to be unpleasant is when i ask how offers work.. and he basically gives me a ‘its voodoo magic’ response with “we dont break them down by book, we sort whats in good condition etc, and then what we dont want, and make a bulk offer on the non dont want stack, and if you want we can take the dont want off your hands for recycling etc”… so im hesitant but think, how bad could it be.. about 10 minutes later he calls my name. and says 14 and some change or something completely ridiculous.. i say no thank you, get a cart, and quietly leave the store.. if i went down there or was told previously that it was basically an all books are bulk type deal, i would have expected something completely different.. but to make your ‘book offers’ sound like actual appraisals is just criminal, with that said, im listing my books on craigslist % your store loses about $40/ every two weeks. EAGERLY awaiting your reply.

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