So to help myself get a gauge at where I was as far as liquid assets I’ve tried a few addons in the past.. Big Picture required Auctioneer, and Liquid-Wealth which is a LibDataBroker addon, and currently broken to high heaven… So when I saw that the undermine journal released an addon, I finally saw the opportunity to do what I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time.. release my own addon.. this isn’t a very polished addon at the moment, as it’s my first programming project, not to mention learning lua and how to program an addon at the same time.. nonetheless, it does what I need for now.. working on adding more features.. head over to : Liquid Assets on WoW Interface and check it out.

WoW Interface Description :

Initial release of my addon for getting liquid assets.
Currently only shows items in bag and requires The Undermine Journal Addon (have to select your realm to see addon page)

This is my first addon, First time toying with Lua, and First Project pretty much ever.. so for awhile it will be rough around the edges..

Get info on login and window update
/la – to launch
display info on all characters on account/realm
others (as of yet unknown )
check if an item is soulbound, and use vendor price if so

liquid assets on loadmy liquid assets in my bags

3 thoughts on “Liquid Assets – my 1st addon”

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  • By Kathroman - Reply

    Hey Avlox.

    Seems like a nice idea – I will check it out tonight. I really like that it uses the TUJ for pricing, as I’m far too lazy/forgetful to keep my other scan 100% up to date.

    Is there anything specific you are looking for, as far as feedback goes?

    • By avlox - Reply

      feature requests and lua errors work. 🙂
      first things I’m adding are a close button and a /la (to launch)
      and a initial check onlaunch so you dont have to refresh first
      after that i’ll be adding character tracking

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