2 thoughts on “i had an ore QQ post all wrote up…”

  • By anaalius - Reply

    dam, I never see or sub 54g anymore, lucky 😛

    xoxo anaalius

  • By avlox - Reply

    im not 100% complaining, but its just annoying that i have to focus my time on buying ore, prospecting it, cutting it, and vendoring it now… instead of cutting rare gems, crafting scrolls, etc… its just a bit frustrating that i get to do boring work for more gold.. not sure what to think will happen if this continues… will there be short term or long term deaths to markets? should i really stockpile on 2 (or even 3) bank alt guilds full of uncut rare and uncommon gems? as its all ‘free gold’ sitting there to cut and vendor.. sitting on it does little less then have my ‘gold earned’ and ‘most gold’ #’s inflate more.. just unsure of the volatility of the markets… *end rant*

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