This was a great week for sales, and a greater week for spending…

lets talk spending first, wow, it seems that between thursday night and sunday afternoon the ore farmers were offloading stock by the assload, after all was said and done, decided to stop buying ore after I sank a good 50k into Elementium / Obsidium.. yes.. 50k.. now the thing about all this ore is that I was buying between 46g and 60g a stack, which is guarantee’d profits.. I just need TIME to realize those profits.. that also being said.. I decided to only buy stacks under 54g now until this stick is diminished.. I also baught up another Meta (Int) cut and some other smaller things (sub 4k spending) on alts etc…

As for sales this week… there are more gem campers coming out of the woodworks, which is fine, with this large stockpile my undercuts will be 5g per now, and a much lower threshold going forward, same goes for scrolls and enchant mats (dust/essence)… The Christmas pets have been selling (i suspect because of the new vanity pet achievements in 4.1) steadily as well.. Tailoring is at a standstill aside from bags, I’ve decided to stop all non bag production until I can think of another method of attack, so for now i’ll be stockpiling Dreamcloth…

Going forward for this next week, I’ll be power leveling Leatherworking on Retiree (Dropped Engineering finally) and selling northrend profession bags, and looking at the level 84 markets there… and a strong focus on my shuffle markets as well..

No screenshot this week.. but gold is currently at 190k.. liquid wealth (big picture addon, liquid wealth addon) shows at 525k+

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    For tailoring i would look into producing dust/essences via runecloth headbands and also look into that for the outlands equivalents as well

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