This week was filled with spending gold.. and great flips.. got a new helm for Avlox, [Je’Tze’s Sparkling Tiara] and on friday night… Well.. flipping a Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger ties up alot of gold.. I did end up getting a nice little loan of 70k, and sold the thing for 290k.. so my profit was right around 90k for tying up my gold for a few days…

Sales, without mySales, bout 9k in Fortune Cards and Uncommon Ink, about 13k profit from the Elementium/Obsidum Shuffle.. there will be a midweek post explaining the shuffle as i do it wednesday / thursday.. Scrolls are going very well.. profits are running around 2 – 5k a day depending on my eagerness to restock.. sorry for the lackluster breakdown this week.. the tiger distracted me… and yes, i did think about using it, but last week i finally got an decent, although lackluster alternative..
spectral tiger, wintersaber trainers

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