After some 4.0.6 issues (which had me literally unfunctioning for 3 vital days), i managed to get back in there and start selling things friday…

did start the week spending close to 18k on ore on monday, and a few other various small things.. after getting everything sorted out on friday, got all the ore prospected and everything going.. and pulled thru over this last 2 days.. big sellers as always were gems and enchanting mats.. basic elementium shuffle.. i havent sold a single scroll since i havent had a hour or so to sit down and setup zeroauctions again.. did bark a little for fortune cards and sold that deck for 14.4k

tonight i’ll be setting up the scroll market.. and goin full out on Peilan’s Pets (vendor pets are hot right now.).. some other things in need of finishing are leveling all my alts to at least 75 in prep for the massive Epic gem market.. i wont miss that.. in addition it’ll give me some nice daily gold in the meantime.

weekly avlox gold update

and that concludes this weeks updates.. sad as they were.. going to start a friday (or maybe thursday) weekly post on addons.. and hopefully another idea i have.. what kinda articles would you readers like to see?

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