so far so bad, one or more of my addons caused them all to break down, so yesterday after spending an hour trying sorting it all out, I gave up, deleted addons AND wtf folders, and played that alt horde side out of the goblin starting area, took a solid four hours, but hes shes, currently rocking out in org,.. tonight ill tackle the addons problem and get back to making them golds…

Edit: Reinstalling wow now.. hopefully that’ll clear everything up.. inclusing a persistent Lua error i was getting joining and leaving groups.. described : here. As for addons.. since im starting with a clean slate.. im not sure what i want to do really…
Auctionlite / Auctionator are both 50/50 for me..
ZeroAuctions is a given,…
gnomeworks is the only tradeskill window im OK with.. the others seem to have stagnated..
Inventorium will be my new KTQ..
Stuffing is my Bagmod of choice along with BagSync for tooltips and gold..
without KTQ i dont believe i have a NEED for Altoholic, which is another perk.. but i still would like a tool for my alts.. maybe Toons?

Any other Social/non-raid group addons you can think of? please suggest in comments.

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