Ok, this week was a full week of spending gold, breaking even, and interesting surprises…

Gold spent – 21k total.. 6k was spent on my guild project, got an idea from greedy goblin and tweaked it a little small scale, basically paying top5 guild activity 1k gold to keep guild experience coming in, for my bank alt, yes, i want to say my bank alt has a level 25 guild. 😉 after that i paid 4k to a guildie for his 310 flying. 5k went to my initial investment in the scrolls market, basically buying out everything that was drastically underpriced (anything 75% less mats ah price). 2k went to another friend for her uhmm, whatever she does. and the last 4k went towards mats for tailoring pants for my main.

Income this week was fairly nice all things considered.. sadly did some moving around on the gold and got distracted where it was all coming from.. most of it came from avlox.. a little from glyphs.. Mysterious Fortune Cards still selling well when barked.. Cut Rare and Daily Gems and raw Enchanting mats still selling… the big winner this week is scrolls.. seem that after buying out all the lower priced scrolls, everyone was done leveling Enchanting? and i was able to make a nice tidy 7k profit (5k was paying back the initial funds, so 13k in scroll sales), mind you ALOT of these scrolls were also baught for 2 – 15g (why would someone post them that low when mats are 50+ for most of them? *sigh*.) Deathsilk has been steady, crafting 2 of each, and posting via ZeroAuctions in 24 hr batches, 3 groups is how i have them divvied up.. 2, 3 and fire, thats bolts of embersilk and then the rares which require volatile fires. only about 1k profit there, but i’ll take it for a minute or two of actual work a day.

On the addons front, i tried TradeSkillMaster, and just could do it, i know its early beta, but it really has alot of potential.. they just need a complete UI overhaul. I reinstalled ZeroAuctions and have that running the Gems, Enchants, Deathsilk, Scrolls and Pets (Christmas and other Seasonal pets for now). Gems 12 hours, the others are 24.

So all in all this was a 33k gold week, 12k up from last week and spent that 21k.

Oh and i have a Hurricane Deck waiting to sell on Glyphs (should be at least another 14k there.)

weekly gold update feb7, wow ah gold

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