Going to try and have a weekly post with at least a what i’ve done last week and a few things i might try this week… this week was a good week.. Sunday Eve (1/23/11) was 67k, this week the nights still young and im sitting at 111k.

This week i got a decently nice jump from trade barking mysterious fortune cards, those have been selling like hotcakes when barked, and the Inferno Ink is a nice plus.. Averaging about 200 a day for the last 4days since i read a fortune card post on Cold’s blog amounted to about 15k. Selling Cut Gems and Enchant Mats was pretty much the rest.

For this next week, i’ll be tryin to break into Tailoring (Deathsilk sells decently) and see what i can do there, without selling bags (A guildie gets mad if i go into HIS market) it might proove to be a challenge.. the Dreamcloth im still undecided about.. im going to save them for another week for a small stockpile.. Missed a few days doing the Transmute: Living Elements so have to remind myself of that as well.. Also going to do 2 – 3 of some staple enchant scrolls.. this worked very well for me in the 2nd half of wotlk, lets see how well it reproduces in cata.

wow gold weekly update, 111k, enchanting inscription jewelcrafting

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