Purchase List : Dream Shards & Frozen Orbs (and short term Arctic Fur)craft : lvl 80 Epic Leg Armor x AS MANY AS POSSIBLE!!!!Why. reading the revised 3.0.8 patch notes, the epic leg armors are having Frozen Orbs added to the materials. Crafting now gets around the new requirement. as for purchasing them. since another pattern requires them the demand will go up and supply down which will result in *gasp @ econ 101* higher prices. more or less the same thing on the Dream Shards, many of the higher enchanting patterns will have Greater Cosmic Essence and Infinite Dust lowered and replaced with Dream Shards. reason i have Arctic fur on the short term is because demand will go back down after patch. so if your not a crafter now you can buy them and just post back on AH for 25+g from what you baught simply because people will be buyin them all up asap to craft pre-3.0.8 leg armor.

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