[07/06/08]01:05[Thorothen]: Greetings, Slackware, this is Game Master Thorothen. I have received your petition, and I want to thank you for sending it in. How are you doing today?01:05[Slackware]: good good. im too lazy to login to[blizzard.com] or[worldofwarcraft.com]01:06[Slackware]: so i thought next laziest thing is opening a ticket.. ;-)01:06[Thorothen]: So how can I be of aid today? :D01:06[Slackware]: did you read the ticket? …01:06[Slackware]: lol01:07[Thorothen]: That I did just a little unclear on where this “more” is01:07[Slackware]: open wow01:07[Slackware]: the welcome screen01:07[Slackware]: “C:\\Program Files\\World of Warcraft\\Launcher.exe”01:08[Thorothen]: Does it attempt to open it via firefox?01:08[Slackware]: in this instance yes.01:08[Thorothen]: This is most likely a firefox problem. For help with that or any technical issues you need to go to the forums.01:09[Slackware]: sec. lemme do in IE01:09[Slackware]: nope. same thing in IE01:10[Slackware]: next xcuse?01:10[Thorothen]: Are you attmepting to type in a sitename in internet explorer?01:10[Slackware]: i should try opera maybe? konqurer? maybe epiphany?01:10[Slackware]: LoL.. 01:10[Slackware]: open the launcher… click “more”01:10[Slackware]: redirects to a 404 page.01:11[Thorothen]: Alright, I will now look into this personally and the appropriate action will be taken.01:11[Slackware]: thnx. cya.01:11[Thorothen]: Your feedback is highly valued. For any comments or concerns about the quality of service provided by our Customer Support Staff, please email wowgmfeedback-us@blizzard.com.

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