ok. another plan on doing this post.. ive been going thru all my old backup CDs and found a few oldies that i really liked and want to re-implement.. such as the windows welcome screen. 😉 i was also debating starting my old WinXP window again using Greybox (url : http://orangoo.com/labs/GreyBox/),.. so a welcome screen for the layout and the WinXP toy in a greybox just for kicks.. but thats just a thought.. i also want to start a finance/money and linux sub sections of the site.. i might try working on some wordpress/sqlite hacking also, as im planning on writing a little more about each.. gonna also try and do daily/weekly screenshots again, its always fun to watch the evolution of preference in the theme/wallpaper desktop arena.. anyways.. im outta here for now.. back to work..

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