didnt get bored of Vista per se, just got to the point i felt that if i continued using it further it might start to degrade.. LoL.. so i got off my high horse and re installed Ubuntu on the second HD and here i am!! Its kinda odd thou that i dont really care if i use windows or linux, the only downside to linux is that i have to use wine for WoW (if i so decide that i wanna re-install it and play), where the only downside of vista is that i might mess it up.. where its harder to recover. :-/ so until i find an awesome way to clone a 60gb partition and can restore in the flick of the wrist, ill remain here on linux.. 😉 althou im sure i can do some weird man dd magic.. \nand on the sn0n side of things, and yea, i know, i say this every 6 months or so.. im actually SERIOUSLY contemplating throwing it all out, and moving over to my VPS for sn0n.com (all the sites i host would stay on RapidVPS), and running some special magic over there. another fake new start. LoL. i probably wont do it. but i was also debating setting up – rob.sn0n.com (for a blog) and images.sn0n.com (for a image gallery) and a misc.sn0n.com for the random uploads. anyways, time for getting ready for bed.

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