Linked to my first post about the lil guy.. he was a good cat, very warm and friendly and always there rubbing on your legs when you were anywhere near the kitchen.. i remember first seeing him in pets4all in brentwood, i fell in love in a second, and decided i wanted to give the lil guy a home.. and he loved us all soo much.. just after i saw him, we had to go home, and tell Cs mom that i found a cat i wanted, she was absolutely against it, since there were already soo many animals in the house.. at that time there was Bertha (our black bitch), Ollie (the prince), Kitten (the orange bitch), and for dogs there was Bubba, Beija, Pooka… but i got him anyways.. and after about a week everyone loved him.. this is also about the time we got simon (slimey).. who we found on the side of the road out in brentwood (in the country, high traffic road) with the intention of giving him to a animal shelter,.. but C and little Erin fell in love with the slimey.. and when simon and romeo met, they became the best of friends.. always playing and wrestling.. for the first month we had him, romeo slept with me everynight… much to the disappointment of bertha.. who before he came along slept with me every night.. when we moved we had to leave both romeo and simon behind, and romeo instantly attached himself to kelly.. i dont want to write anymore.. 2005/04/16* – 2007/11/23 RIP Romeo. * – (estimate, he was about 2 months when we got him)

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