How is it that they attempt to troubleshoot my phone when they dont have access to the phone im using, nor have ever even used windows mobile or OZ Messenger for windows mobile? The rep was asking me, “do you get this alert on your desktop when using AOL Instant Messenger?” My reply was, “do you know the US Dollar value of the yen? cuz thats about as related to what im asking as what your asking”Some background: T-Mobile, Wing, Windows Mobile 6, AIM, Customer Service, Errors, Complaints, ReviewBreakdown of my problem, and there are two three. 1) Whenever i try to have a conversation with Katie or Colleen (co-workers) on AIM it opens another conversation stating that they are not online to their username (for example, mine would be, new conversation would be with Robert.Z.Douglas), but the conversation would work, aside from notifications that im getting messages that they are not online (to the other conversation)..did i say that right?2) There is a persistent notification in the Calendar Alerts Portion of the bottom taskbar, stating “Notification” when i click on it, something similar to below appears (Screenshot Tomorrow when I have the patience to figure out screenshots),.. which NEVER goes away.Notification :: clicks ::(AOL Instant Messenger)Available[Go] [Close]Hide 3) Due to the Notifications (im assuming here, but it does only happen when im on AIM) the backlight turns on often, and this kills the battery in much less then a day (or even a work day for that matter, and im only @ work for 8 1/2 hrs)Ok, anyone that finds this, please write back in comments, or email me : are.zee.dee /a/ gmail.comOh yeah, and on a side note, Memory on the t-mobile wing is TERRIBLE and i wouldnt recommend the phone to anyone until this is fixed, you cant even use the camera with 2 – 3 other applications running,.. on top of that once you load OZ Messenger (AIM, ICQ, Yahoo) the only way to close it is to POWER OFF THE WING!!! this has to be some sort of design flaw thats slipped through the cracks..

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