For quite some time I’ve felt that I haven’t been challenging myself enough, almost to the point that my brain is going numb from not exercising it enough. What I decided to go and do about that is start playing chess again (as you can tell from the last post), I’ve been playing games on which is totally amazing for being able to find a ‘real life’ person to play, in more or less 20 seconds.. I’ve played MAYBE 20 games so far.. and I can already attest to its benefits.. There is also a chess night in Berkeley at Eudemonia, a nice shop, also has a nice magic selection.. But for now I think I’ll keep with because I can do it from home, and I never have a problem finding someone to play. Anyways, check it out, and if you see ‘sn0n’ pop up, make sure you say ‘ello… And on a sidenote, anyone that likes to learn from their mistakes (or Greatness), you can use instantchess to anaylize your current/past games or you can check out Winboard

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