sifting through thoughts
flowing from my fingers and heart..
I could love a person forever without even knowing her..
when she tells me her name it only enforces my love..
a quick hug good bye after a day of chatting,
movie and a coffee, my heart swells..
then one day, just as quick as it began..
she says “good bye”, yet I still love..
waiting for her knock, ring, or hello..
my heart on hold.. I love alone.
she was just there.. in my mind..
shes fading now..
what seemed so clear is becomming blurry..
or was it allways blurry..
i may never again know..
for she is gone now..
and im forever unclear, as to if she really was there.
true love cost time..
which in turn cost saccrife..
to love you must make sacrifices..
knowing that is all that matters.
like an avalanche i threw myself upon her..
ignoring all truths of life..
that i would crush her in my feelings..
all i wanted want to fall on her..
fall in love with something that is now crushed…

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