walking in this mans shadow,
i see what he has become.
breathing what has been done,
knowing i should not follow.
yet still i follow his steps,
and do what must be done.
father i am your son.
a preamble to life.
before you chose to enter,
you should know the end.
accepting the fate,
that never will be late.
many times you swear,
life was so near.
what makes you think you can,
be a better man.
always told myself i never would,
be what everyone said i could.
constant denial,
as the court went to trial.
what have i done father,
where is mother.
shes dead now says one to another,
why did you even bother.
the room hushes in silence,
as the judge announces sentance.
death till come to son, just as did mother.
the flowers are growing,
cant you see your son is trying.
As i walk at night,
i think the stars bright.
cant help but think of your smile,
anyone can tell from a mile.
it is so bright and true,
your just being you.
Leading me. Directing you.
hindering my thoughts,
a hatred it has brought.
i cant see the rage,
i feel as if in a cage.
she is just four, dont you just adore.she will be so much more, then her father the whore.
upset with the passion of the night,
why did it lead to such a fight.
it shouldnt have been more,
but she ended on the floor.
and in a rage of passion,
he left her in a odd fashion.
he couldnt undo her brain,
he left promptly on that train.
shes never felt such pain.
i bashed away at the keyboard,
tryin to not look bored.avoidng her eyes,
me telling lies.just another late nite,
maybe another fight.she hates long sessions,
its one of my passions.

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