Ok, so ive decided that what i REALLY want to do is… .. Quit magic again (long story, but in short, it sucks up too much money i dont have, and dont bring me the pleasure it used to.. what pleasure i need from magic i can get in an hour a week on mtgo,.. its just not needed)… Start Selling Magic Singles (read 1), By selling and not playing, i can have cards delivered directly to my house, sell them on ebay or an online store, and make decent money.. in addition, i could take up Drafting in Modesto (CA) where they have 8 player drafts, $9 a draft, and a prize payout of 6/4 packs, (thats 6 for 1st, 4 for 2nd). … Work on getting a MacBook Pro ($1,999.00), this will be done by A) Quitting Magic, and B) Selling Magic. Looking over my simple collection.. i can vouch for about.. 1400$ thats doing a quick count at semi low prices, bu putting that money into my Paypal account (which is Currently earning 4.27%), will help out a bit with the epal(ebay/paypal) fees and what not. … Earn money by way of magic, currently im doing some AWESOME trades, and buying at good rates, but no money is comming in from the hobby. that needs to change. figuring i spend $13 in gas to goto modesto and back here, then $9 per draft / or $9 to Dublin and back here, at $5 per T2 tourney… im basically having to make up for gas in good trades, which is harder in dublin.. but im REALLY liking modesto.. LOADS of players, and the drafts, my god you could make GOOD money on them.. When i was there i saw 4 tourneys run.. someplayers were playing in 2 (1st, then 3rd)… and the night was still only about 2/3s over.. thats another 2 drafts.. WOW!!! Anyways… ive ranted at my current goal.. and my new standards (no more buying singles, only tourney entry).. and where im hoping they will take me.. gday

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