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11th Jul 2003 02:08am
I thought i would be productive and make a news poster application. it works good so far. need to fix a few SMALL bugs thou. :-D sn0n
11th Jul 2003 01:41am
Forgot to mention, i called the manteca bulletin today and they told me that one position had been filled but im keeping my shoulders up and calling back tomorrow. She also informed me i did really well on the spelling and typing tests. :-D sn0n
11th Jul 2003 01:36am
Hullo everyone, been playin alot of DDR lately and found a new game called Prop Cycle its a bike game where you have handle bars and peddles, and you try to go around popping balloons that are floating around.. its fun, and cheaper then DDR. hehe.. sn0n
08th Jul 2003 04:03pm
just sittin here at work net waiting for my test (spelling and typing, i guess this would be considered practice) ;-)well.. i had a good vibe bout the interview for the manteca bulletin today (and the one yesterday too), donna and cindy were nice. :-D well.. i suppose i should go and wait like a normal patient person, and not write to my site as i wait.. hehe.. ciao everyone :-D sn0n
01st Jul 2003 05:29pm
well.. not a while lot goin on.. just workin on the image gallery ALOT, and makin this site more ready for distribution.. :-D

job hunting isnt goin so great, ive applied to hella places and noones calling back.. its a bad time in the summer to go looking for a job.. ::sigh:: oh well, ill find something eventually, hopefully sooner then later so i dont have to end up moving.. well.. off to make some tea (its a pepsi alternative for the poor) and then work on my site a lil more while watching the labyrinth. :-D sn0n
18th May 2003 03:32am
well.. testing the site on other browsers and it seems to work fine. but im workin ona new layout anyways.. so yeh.. lol.. expect it first part of July..
16th May 2003 05:40pm
just learned a nifty function called count in php.. hehe..
14th May 2003 11:26am
well.. having problems with a lil php, so im gonna get back to work on the apache setup tutorial.
14th May 2003 11:28am
well.. i dont know about this totally, but anyone that wants the basic source to this page let me know, and ill get it to you, email is , i only say this cuz quite a few people been askin me bout it. hehe. was it me promoting it? or just them liking it? idk (i dont know) but hey.. im not gonna complain. hehe.
12th May 2003 07:24pm
ok.. hope everything lines up now.. bout to test it.
12th May 2003 07:08pm
w00t w00t.. changed the layout a little more.. and got everything working better..
12th May 2003 12:59am
just a quick update to the site.. goin to be doing more the next week.. yet again im off work.. ttyl all..
03rd May 2003 02:44am
Stine: ::Creams chonies::
10th Apr 2003 05:14am
added the friends page and a few more lil maybe noticable changes.. hehe..
09th Apr 2003 11:12am
look, allready made the site valid W3C code. watch out world.
09th Apr 2003 08:44am
got three days off work, so hopefully ill get some work done around here finally. :-D
08th Apr 2003 10:13am
wow. this page CHOKES on Voyager, the QNX Browser. ill hopefully get that fixed REALLY soon here.
07th Apr 2003 09:57pm
Quote of the day:
sK8 dOgG 4 (7:23:11 PM): holy flying fuck
sK8 dOgG 4 (7:23:15 PM): this actually worked
05th Apr 2003 01:48am
hey all, been a few days, once again, but im still here... :-D
got some more work done on the site, ill be uploading it monday nite after i do a few more SMALL touchups. hopefully them fuckin comments will get done next week, im having tha hardest time getting them working. but its kewl, im learning more and more bout it, that apache and php on my machine is a blast to play with too.. i like apache and ill soon be releaseing a setup for everyone whos dumb like me and cant install it (not calling anyone dumb). well.. off to clean kenns room for tomorrow, i got him to buy a new Sony computer. gnite all
03rd Apr 2003 09:23am
01st Apr 2003 03:43pm
well.. renued for another year. :-) i work tonite for like a whopping 6 hours and after that ill be working on the site a bit. ohh on another note, i did something im VERY proud of. i setup Apache for the first time and got PHP working on it, for some reason i was never able to get it working before, im happy bout that one. well. time to go check out and fiddle with win2k3 ent.
28th Mar 2003 07:27pm
sorry there are only a FEW posts. i did a boo boo and uploaded my local data.php and whiped clean my one on here.. oops. its ok thou. needed to start anew. comments shoud be up next week as well as images. wish me luck! :-D
28th Mar 2003 07:19pm
welcome to my little home on the internet.
30th Jan 2003 06:42am
well.. todays muh first day @ Target.. hope all goes well.. hehe.. i swear, feels like my first day of highschool all over again.. cuz ima nervous wreck.. i think after work today ill work on its been neglected as of late.. even lost a whole update from computer complications lol.. well.. talk to everyone laters. "look forward and bring only memories with you." ~Rob
28th Jan 2003 07:48am
for a little while.. im gonna try signing offline and turning off the puter when im not useing it.. holly. thnx for the inspiration. yer a great friend..
28th Jan 2003 06:10am
wow.. its only been FOREVER.. but reading a friends journal made me start thinkin bout mine.. so i decided hey! why not.. well.. there is far far far to much to say whats been goin on the last like YEAR.. but ill slowly get to it all.. just give me a lil time.. hehe..
16th May 2002 04:29am
well.. today im off to work.. just saw starwars episode II on the big screen.. was nice.. not much is happenin in the love department.. maybe one day ill meet her.. whoever she is.. til then.. everyday will be a good day.. :-D
14th May 2002 11:02am
just bleh.. nothing is on.. single as all can be.. and wanting more then life is giving me..
09th May 2002 03:30am
i gotta run to radio shack and get em a extension cord.. happy happy joy joy.. well.. what else.. humph.. peace out.. :-)
09th May 2002 03:16pm
well shiat.. the last few days has been different.. made a new friend.. lost a dear one.. the one i made was wendy aka amber.. she soo hella lied about her name its funny.. the one i lost was lisa.. ill miss her.. but there is nothing i can do.. im powerless.. kinda makes ya feel fuct up eh? being powerless.. but thats how we all are in life i spose..
04th May 2002 11:42pm
i could love a person forever without even knowing her.. when she tells me her name it only enforces my love.. a quick hug good bye after a day of chatting, movie and a coffe, my heart swells.. then one day, just as quick as it starts.. she says goodbye.. yet im still in love.. waiting for her to knock, ring, say hello.. my heart on hold.. i love alone
24th Jan 2002 12:56pm
Hey hey hey.,.. been a while again so i figured id post.. not much has been up.. me and lisa are still together.. house is clean... dad gets out in about a month.. and uhmm.. things are good.. i think of cor often.. but its gettin easier and easier every day.. i miss her thou.. but i did the right thing.. made her hate me.. isnt it wierd how everyone says it would just be easier to make them hate me.. but noone ever does it.. well.. i did.. and it hurt.. but i think it was best for us.. anywho.. im off.. gonna work on the new page layout.. :-)
04th Ja
n 2002 04:43pm
Well.. another day and nothing todo.. gonna ask Home Depot to make me full time tomorrow or sunday.. when ever i get a chance.. gotta get me a car and stuffs.. thinkin bout ReDoing the site again.. but who knows.. lol..
03th Jan 2002 06:55am
well.. whats more aggrivatin then commin home from work and your girlfriend is mad at you cuz some gal came askin for you when her car wasnt here..
29th Nov 2001 11:57pm
i hurt her.. only to be hurt my the one i was with.. she left me for her ex.. she still loves him.. he better be right to her..
29th Nov 2001 06:50pm
Woo Hoo.. im thinkin im up and running again.. fresh format.. cable modem.. less stress in my life.. all i know is im half way happy right now.. Weee!
19th Nov 2001 07:12pm
hey journal.. just chillin.. bout to watch TombRaider.. it better be good.. later tonite im gonna DL Harry Potter :-D yey.. well.. off to watch the movie.. laterz
16th Oct 2001 03:11pm
hey journal.. alots happened tha last few days.. melissa and i talked... i havent heard from her in so long.. i missed her.. jennifer hasnt paid me my $60 so im still foodless.. so i dont know what im gonna eat til friday. my dads bills are piling up and i need to get them paid.. every spare penny is goin to goto kyla.. i want to be a good father.. the last year i havent been.. i need to be a father to my kid too.. and i will... just gonna take a little time.. i was thinkin bout what im gonna do about a car.. and i came up with a f00l proof idea.. Rob A Bank.. lol.. j/k.. i dont know what im gonna do about a car.. hopefully ill get my loving father to get a car with his money and ill drive it til he gets out ofjail.. ohh yeah.. Dear Journal. Dad went to jail again.. he was messed up on heroine.. and decided to leave the house.. and was arrested. he has 3 months min..

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