ive done about 10 hours or so of homework this last couple days, sooooo not fun lemme tell ya. but im learning a bit while doin it.. so thats good.. :-Dgonna try and get 1 or 2 more done tonite before goin to sleep, got 6 left to do by Wednesday at 5 :-Dgonna have to go through and add comments to them in places too, cuz the teacher wants them.. LoL.. i might just not add comments and just take the loss, i should still get a A, but i really do need to document my coding.. :: shrugs :: lolgonna get off now thou and a) goto sleep , or b) code a bit more. Nite all.p.s. setting up printing on linux is soooo much easier then it used to be, i think it took all of 3 minutes this time around and didnt even have to reboot.. was nice. nite all.

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