… and struggling to keep up.Apparently this is the facts of working, full time school, and maintaining a loving relationship. Will be very hard but ill figure out a way to pull it up and out.Goin to maybe move the site over to a new layout. Im very happy with the current one, but for every 4 things i fix, 2 more break and 3 new ones show up.. so its kinda hard to maintain the kewl layout and keep it up to par with standards and backwards compatibility with the same kewl looks.. Sooo.. yeah.. its 9:30 now and i have to wake up in 7hrs or so.. and i still need to eat.. i think we are goin to the mecca, which is apparently the best food around.. well see.. ohh.. lots of QBasic homework to do tomorrow after school (so i can help tutor the kids for Extra Credit) and Gotta remember to do Chapter 12 for Extra Credit too.. and i Might end up missing Star Wars: Ep 3 next thursday cuz damn class because even thou its a lab work nite.. attendance is still taken.. :-/ :: sigh :: anyways.. time to get goin.. im sure carolynn is wondering where i went and about to call the cell.. LoL

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