almost 3 months with daily posts, even thou some are small, like this one may be. finally got lil dinky speakers so i can listen to music outloud and maybe ill get this room clean like it used to be.. ::sigh:: listening to Korn right now. Its funny how little things can remind you of the wierdest and oddest things, like when i hear korn i always think of Shawna, a old friend of Jerichos (who knew her first, but i knew him from Jessica who was Kevins Ex), who i remember goin up to sac once and it was fuckin like 2am, and hella foggy and we couldnt see but 5ft in front of us, which reminds me of Joel (cuz they were both wierd computer hackers) who was the wierdest computer guy ever, he ran a old BBS in manteca call SMEE, and Joel was Kevins friend from before me, and then Kevin liked shawna for a few, and wow.. wierd.. all cuz a korn song came on.. Miss all you guys, even thou im sure more then half of ya hate me and the other half prolly dont even remember me.. LoL.. Wierd how the human mind works and analyzes and how fast the process is, all that was in a matter of 4 seconds..

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