Decided i was soo bored i couldnt sleep last nite (even thou i have to work at 8AM, and it was nearly 2:30) and thought id throw my old barbell thru my tongue, which is an.. 8 gauge.. then one i had in was a 12, and the hole didnt like the 8 AT ALL, but with a snap and pop it sped its way thru my tongue, made my eyes water, and went in.. felt like a fresh piercing all over again.. it was nice.. loved it.. but then i couldnt sleep.. and i didnt love that.. amazing how the smallest pains can be soo big when ur tryin to goto sleep.. ohh well.. LoL.. i did it to myself right? at least now i have a real barbell in and not that cheap plastic one. :-Dgotta go thou, ill write more tonite after school.

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