Exhausted in fact, and overly hungry. But its my fault i suppose for not working to provide myself with money so i can buy the aforementioned food. :: shrugs :: Its only 8:09 PM on ermm.. Monday. Gotta wake up tomorrow at 7 as well.. But im quite tired right now. Still havent gotten any C++ shit done. but thats prolly my fault as well. I have had over half a semester of not working and just sitting online. So yea, thats my fault too… Ill try to get 4 assignments done a week. Cuz i pretty much have to. I Miss Things Right Now. Youth, Magic & Pepsi. Remember when i first got kicked outta the card shop, and when i went back (about 4 months later) it seemed like soo much had changed, yet very little had, brad got a haircut, dawn wasnt working there anymore, Jesse & James started goin to the shop, and Eric and Aubrey stopped. Fast forward ten years and the shops closed, i only keep in touch with 3(?) of the old timers. Kenn, Chris & Jim. and magic is very different. But, there is hope in listening to old songs and reminising to myself. Ill write more stories / snippets later. My stomach hurts thou, so im gonna go relieve myself, and get back in class class. gday.

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