.. a domain name. :-DIm gonna reg a domain name just to put all my old stuff / archives when i dont want them floating around sn0n.com anymore. Since im anal about whats on my site in the public_html and i wanna have a heart attack everytime i see the mess.. LoL.. used to have it in ../graveyard , but thats non-existant anymore.. but another domain does a few things.. i can throw random screenshots there, throw random downloads for people, all the random use once but dont want to get 404s if it gets deleted from my site stuff.. AND.. helps with another link to sn0n.com 😉 (all it needs is a single index.php anyways) Got ALOT to do tomorrow.. gonna try to get AT LEAST 6 C++ assignments done. since im kinda behind. 😡 so yea.. thats all for tonite. nite all.

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