Ok, so im Using ArchLinux full time on my desktop now.. And i got to thinking that i wasnt gonna be able to test in IE anymore. well.. i setup VMWare 5.0 Beta (which runs very smoothly) and i have opera and IE running in that.. And on my desktop i have Firefox (Well.. im using Epiphany) And i also compiled a lil diddy called GTK-WebCore which is basically a browser that renders pages as Safari will see them, as it uses the same rendering engine, just ported to GTK+ (Gnome). So i have full testing abilities.. :-DAnd on the Development side, im learning gimp, and doing quite well with it, even thou its no Photoshop or is it?.. and using bluefish for html / php editing.. and i love it.. feel soo much more at home then in Dreamweaver.. Anyways. enuf with the fun of posting.. goin to get back to work now.. 😀 wanna get a template finished up.. decided i wanna offer 1 free template a week.. drive a lil more traffic to my small lil hole in the wall site.. 😀

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