Im thinkin bout goin back to a blosxom system because its plain and simple. and i feel it lets me get more accomplished.. WordPress is a bit bloated for what i want.. and lets me have less control i feel.. either blosxom, or a php dropin ill be coding myself.. :-Di want to be able to upload .txt files, and use a browser based editor.. but i also want lots of pages, so im thinkin ill make the front page read the file names of the files, as subjest (maybe most 5 recent on front page) and then have a archives page.. with all.. then have the blog.php parse it all out.. and generate more pages.. similar to a image gallery.. but for blog posts.. this way i can get more pages on my site.. besides the less then 10 i have now.. which isnt helping me google wise.. :-/ so ill have this_is_a_blog_post_040205.txt and this_is_a_blog_post_040205.htm made from that (via the blog.php) and link to both.. the .txt will be a #, and the Article will be the actual title.. if that makes sense.. just something im thinking of.. 😀 ill elaborate a bit more later.. also want to get alot of xml magic in the mix too.. 😉

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