So.. i dont know what to think.. the wordpress site was caught googlespamming for some company,.. yeah the guy did it to make some money to support wordpress.. but now wordpress is tarnished.. the community will stop using it (ive already seen loads of people using movabletype again.. so im kinda torn as to what to do.. believe you me.. i want to keep using wordpress.. but i dont want to get a bad rap from google for doing soo.. so im kinda in a wierd position here.. what will i do? :: smiles :: im gonna self host my blog, and write it in sqlite til my host starts supporting sqlite.. gonna take a lil while to get it setup.. but to me.. its worth it, as im tryin to actively raise the bar on sn0n and rob douglas in google.. two semi meaningless searches.. but to me its my pride and joy.. LoL.. Everyone needs a hobby right? hehe.. oh well. dont expect my blog engine to be done soon.. as im lazy and lack time.. itll prolly take a while to get up.. :-/ but it will.. cuz i.. forget it.. Im starting to get really interested in sqlite lately, so im writing a blog engine coded in sqlite, this should be done soon, as my needs are quite small. LoL.. There will be a few things im doing differently with this blog engine, and those will be stated at a later time.. but they should really help me out in the google world 😀 (without spamming or anything)

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