Hey all, i think ive decided to try and make sn0n.com IE friendly, with the same layout as that on the front page. It will take a lil work, but im just finally getting sick of the stupid people who dont read myself repeating over and over and over again that the site is made for Firefox only. This will also be part of my templating the site and cleaning up all the choppy/inconsistant code. Next week is also spring break, im gonna spend a good portion of that working on a new site i want to open, more details on that ina few weeks when i have it in early beta but up. :-DGonna take the dogs out for a walk in Concord ina few min.. so i gotta get ready for that now.. ill be sure to write more later.. Also.. im debating putting google-ads and a donation button on my site.. figured free money is free money.. LoL..Ive been thinking a lil bit this morning about companies that track people online for patterns and what not, and decided that if they ever found me, theyd need to hire some more people just to analize all the wierd ass shit i do online.. LoL.. gluck and day to all.. im out for now.

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