This is a short review of Fedora Core 4 – Test 1. I will be covering single chapters on installation, initial boot, first response, desktop & applications. I will also cover small items that i liked (and didn’t), as well as providing ample amounts of eye candy via screenshots. Some notes before beginning, Fedora still ships with Bluecurve theme, as i don’t prefer it, i downloaded and installed clearlooks ( ), a new personal favorite. Installation was a bit of a PITA (Pain in the Arse). I’m typically a MS Windows user who likes to fiddle with Linux any chance he gets. So i downloaded the 4 ISO’s and verified the sha1sums. All turned out well, so i burnt and was on my way to rebooting. Booted from CD no problem, went to verify, and all 4 CD’s came back bad. It could have been a problem with the ISO Recorder Powertoy that i use, so i Proceeded to use Alcohol 120%. All 4 discs burnt, rebooted, and still showed all 4 as corrupt. Odd, maybe its just a windows fluke. So i decided to give it a go and install anyways. From there installation was a breeze, Rebooted, setup initial ‘rob’ account. Setup was complete and i was welcomed with a beautiful login screen. Logged in and away i went… Wrong, something was really killing performance (See ‘hell_fedora.png’ attached). I Ctrl + Alt + Backspaced X and re-logged in, which is here i was able to get the screenshot. I Killed both syslogd and gdm-binary, and setup /etc/inittab to runlevel 3. That fixed everything after a quick reboot to double check. In between the reboots i did boot into Windows to verify that it wasn’t corrupted or wouldn’t boot for some reason, and no problem there, and back to Fedora i went. Sitting at the desktop i launched Firefox and laughed at the ‘Home Page’ seems that should have been changed, but it is a beta. Browsed the web a second to make sure i had a connection, launched aim so i can talk to a few friends about the nice new desktop i got going on, then back to the task at hand. Right away i notice that things are a bit moved around at the top left, Applications – Places – Desktop. Interesting. Right away i notice that Preferences and System Settings was moved to the ‘Desktop’ tab, moving right along. Browse the applications a bit and Open up the crisp new Open Office Writer, in which I’m writing this, and let me tell you, this things got a light bulb that would put Office 95 Clippy to shame, It’s annoying i tell you ;-). Cracking open the Applications menu again, browse the games a bit, none seem any fun. 🙁 What ever happened to the wonderful days of Rodents Revenge. 🙂 I did find Kturtle which took a day and a half to load, remembered some memories of playing with LOGO back in 7th grade. Onto Web Development, What.. no bluefish? Head over the their site, install rpm and off i go. Wonder why that wasn’t included. :: shrugs :: Check out bluefish and see some magic working with the new Open Dialogs in this gnome 2.10 beta. Can now open from and save to FTP’s nice nice.. Back to Fedora. I’m noticing that its seeming to be more and more refined as a User Desktop with each release, something thats totally welcomed by windows users looking to switch.Anyways, enough of me ranting about Fedora Core, Please head over to and pick up a copy of 3 or the latest test build and give it a try, i guarantee it wont disappoint. /   /   /

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