setup the server as a desktop computer for Carolynn today.. shes been sayin that she dont like goin out in the livin room to get online cuz she cant harass me.. so i finally got around to that today.. and in about 45 minutes or less im gonna format over to SuSE 9.x (havent decided on 9.1 or 9.2 yet).. still workin on it.. gonna maybe give Ximian Desktop a go (which is 9.1).. well.. more on all that later.. ttfn.. Edit: fawk.. just read the readme for the Novell CDs i got.. The Ximian Desktop 2 is also provided on this DVD as a CD ISO image.XD2 requires a SUSE Linux Professional 8.2 system (not 9.1).Thats kinda depressing.. lol.. but im bored.. so ill give it a go.. LoL.. if i dont like it.. i have a trigger happy format button 😀

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