Tonite im gonna get on Fedora Core 4 Test 1 and write up a moderate review.. hope to get to about 4 pages printed (according to OpenOffice w/ small thumbnails). Im pretty excited about it cuz from what i see its got OpenOffice 2.0 beta.. Apache2… PHP5.. and a host of other niceties.. Im gonna make fedora my permanent home hopefully..alls ive been missing from it was php5 and apache2.. so its looks like its there.. thats one of the, ok the main reason, i liked ArchLinux soo much.. its more bleeding edge.. i sooo cant wait to get my hands deep in the system and also learn about (off topic) sqlite.. Me and Carolynn took pooka out for a walk earlier.. it was cold as a witches (thats her mom) titty.. sorry for the visuals.. LoL.. oh, and pooka met a lil female poodle he wanted to violate.. but we wouldnt let em.. woulda been fun to watch him break her little back thou.. 😡 😉 anyways.. she farted and i mist retreat… :: runs for the hills ::

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