.. why i have more down days i will not know.. i just seem to.. its a wierd lil thing about me.. and my moods.. :: shrugs :: anyways.. i have this nice ass steak sitting in front of me.. all salted up and looking good.. and i soo want to eat it.. but kelly made me not want to touch it.. cuz shes still on this psychotic im not feeding rob shit or something.. she needs to get on some serious depressive pills and have them forced down her psychotic neck.. while everyone prays she chokes on them.. not that i dont like her or anything, 😀Edit: to spite the little bitch knows as carolynns satan sister.. i fed what was apparently her steak.. to pooka.. the dog.. Kelli needs to rot in hell while someone teachers her bitch daughter some discipline.. :: smiles :: im happy now… i get tortillas with cheese!! (that the ohhh so loving and sweet carolynn made for me) 😀

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