ive come to a conclusion, podcasts are lame. they seem to be all the buzz, but like i read on another site yesterday and realized today, all they talk about are podcasts.. kinda pointless if you ask me.. :: shrugs :: so no more mentions of podcasts here.. on another note, i got a mid-term tonite that im not really lookin forward too.. it will be easy enough thou, its multiple choice and true/false, so it shouldnt be a problem with a strong educated guess system inplace. 😀 Im gonna clean for a hour or two.. and then work on the templating of sn0n.com, i finally got sick of all the pages having a different look this morning with the two templates that there is currently.. and ill be ditching the hosting since it appears noone is interested.. :: shrugs ::Ill update later when i get it all done.. 😀 (and yes, even this blog template)

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