Ok, so today,… well first, lemme say, this post is 100% to boost my ego and let myself brag like a mo fo,… ok, so today was midterms for my Computer Literacy/Concepts class.. 2hr time limit, and 60 questions.. i had the thing done in 11 minutes, and scored a pimp ass 92% ( 55/60 correct ).. The teacher came over and said thats the highest and fastest hes seen.. 😀 :: bows :: i kick ass.. so when next thursday comes around, before class, ima go up to the blackboard and white sn0n kicks ass… ok not really thou…in other news.. the girlfriend got a 77%, which is good as fuck considering she studied for like 2hrs max.. good job babe, im proud of you (even thou your disappointed), and i love you.. :: muah ::

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