… where are you online ? im browsing the good ol web lookin around for wince proggies. .watching a movie about two chics that are visiting some veitnam like country and they get caught for tryin to smuggle drugs outta the country.. and they get like 33yrs in jail.. and its all ghetto.. and like. its a good movie.. anyways. im gonna get back to browsin since i cant do much designin here since i cant dreamweaver it up and the cpanel editor SUCKS ASS, they really need to replace it with a more modern and featured editor. but such is life. hehe. a few hours ago adam disappeared for like 35 minutes and he ended up being upstairs and met the neighbors who were two really cool guys… im sure theyll be hanging out often. but im gonna get to playin with iTunes, and lookin for more WinCE Apps.. peace out

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