Just searching the new for some Jornada stuff.. well ce 2.11 stuff.. im tryin to find a c++ compiler that i can use for class, and some other fun stuff.. and of course i get distracted and end up browsin to about 100+ other random sites that are sometimes totally off topic!! damn sites for linking to interesting off topic sites.. LoL.. like porn sites who when you click under 18 they forward you to disney.com.. sick perverts.. LoL.. anyways.. i KINDA started the links page ../links.php but didnt link them yet.. im still massively working on it.. but its there.. im hoping to setup a database with link, description, date added, clicks, category and other.. so i can have a nice lil system that you can search and use nicely.. 😀 and ill see about setting up a daily cron job to ping each link to check for valid links.. so i dont end up with a 404 farm.. but yea.. thats what goin on right now.. ill write more later.. :: looks at todays page :: yey.. the about page.. ive been wanting to do that forawhile.. Jornada should be here tomorrow, so that will be a page prolly monday or so.. :: sigh :: soo much fun soo little time..

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