a good nice and free emulator thats pretty simple.. ive been playin with it tonite tryin to find a decent distro for my ThumbDrive (just a bored obsession) and thought id share this little gem.. http://fabrice.bellard.free.fr/qemu/ is the official site of qemu, and there are ports to windows. A good start would be running the bat file the installer creates, setting mem and creating a disk file.. then using the sample start below when you want to run it.. it dont use cd drives, so youll need a iso of your install disk.. if anyone knows of a good linux distro that runs about ~140mb, please let me know.. im having no luck getting ArchLinux on it at the moment, and not much luck at all finding minimal distros.. Sample start : qemu.exe -L ./bios -boot d -cdrom “C:\\arch-0.7-base.iso” -hda “C:\\arch.img” -user-net

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