Tonite im gonna start a new project (which will be a ongoing one) a LFS Distro, Running Matchbox, but meant to be used entirely inside QEMU, this will be for a thumbdrive and very minimal in size (as low as i can get it, aiming for x < 100) there is ALOT of things to learn and do. Like build my first LFS. And then figure out how to get Matchbox and what not running… itll be a fun project.. and a good learning experience.. as i know how to use a linux system.. but im very bad at building / running one.. if that makes sense.. i dont know the inner workings like i want to.. and this will be a awesome way to learn. Tonite I will also be starting the links page, and ive got about 200+ that i plan on adding.. Happy Happy!! joy joy!! Well.. off to see Man of the house, more when i get back! 😀

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