Changed nameservers yesterday morning so now is on a whole new host, i should be setting up sub domains today like aarons, ladygrims and a few other sites i had hosted tonite or tomorrow afternoon. Im also writing up a list of things to do for my page a day addon. LoL.. got about 6 things so far.. need ohh.. 31+.. hehhee.. should be getting my jornada 680e sometime soon.. Ill write a page or two about that as well as a blog entry or ten im sure. Also goin to be setting up a links page (seperate from sitemap which is for local links) and hopefully get a prelim version of that up today.. i want to have a simple login system, categories and sub categories, but a simple layout, ill fiddle with that today with a few links up on there.. 😀 but for now i go to sleep for a few hours more (well.. after replyin to a few emails)

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