Its amazing how i can wake up, drink a pepsi, check email, browse a few sites, then finally need to.. well.. you know.. i think im ass backwards.. its the craze that is the internet i tell you.. its more important then lifelong routine, doin the restroom wake up ritual. What is this gonna do the culture?!?! i dont even play console games anymore. and im a large fan of console games.. 🙁 Ok , i do play the occasional Pokemon on my kewl Retro-NES Gameboy SP (Thanks Love) and Might once a year fire up a NES Emulator and play a few originals, Tom Sawyer, Final Fantasy,.. :: sigh :: its not what it used to be i tell ya.. hehe.. anyways.. i have a new idea about how im gonna be doin, im gonna do it more windows. There will be a loading screen ( see: loading ) & A Welcome Screen (Which is the current Layout, but will be Section based (think: Login)), And finally sectional pages, which will be a mix of the Welcome and Desktop metaphor. Its gonna be great fun. 😀 And hopefully MS wont bitch at me for stealing screenshots (The Loading Screen, border on logon screen, sun on logon screen, etc…) 😉

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