Amazingly, i went to bed early last nite. For some wierd reason i fell asleep and jumped up at 10 this mornin.. wierd ass me. 😀 Anyways. its 11:15 am, got a bit of c++ homework im needing to do, ive just been slackin on that a bit.. LoL.. not that i cant pump it all out ina hour anyways.. and its only like 4 assignments. no problemo. today (sometime tonite, maybe during class) im gonna fiddle a bit with the sitemap page, and hopefully clean up the ftp, so i can get the move done a bit easier when i move on the erm.. 28th. (so expect a few hours downtime around the 1st). There are other things i wanna get started on, like web tutorials and such. But there is alot i wanna do.. LoL.. ignore me. 😉 im goin now, delusional as always.

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