Ok Guys, i got the hosting page setup. Anyone lookin for some cheap webhosting check out sn0ns hosting pageMind you im not a hosting company per se, but i do have a reseller account so im more then willing to sell, i will provide everyone with excellent service, and will even help with your html/css coding. And if i Expand the hosting too much ill open my own Web Tutorials site with forums and the like so everyone can help everyone. Im not in the hosting for the money, im in it for the community. All plans will be setup and have info mailed to the paypal email account within 24hrs. Domain names are FREE with paid yearly and $6.95 for a Paid monthly account (send to rob@sn0n.com as a seperate payment). When time serves better (aka when i get around to it) ill setup Domain reg info into the Paypal payments system.

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