– the personal website of Rob Douglas This is one of them Drag This javascript to your bookmarks and hit it when your on a page you want to blog about tests.. Never tried, so wanted to see what they are all about.. And while im on the topic.. for some ungoldy reason didnt have a page title, so thats added now. :DVery Interesting feature, wonder why i never did it before 😡Edit: Ok, so im sitting here playing with this xhtml 1.1 / future of webdesign / on the road to xhtml 2.0 / whatever you want to call it, code. And a read a fancy lil article about how they took out IMG tags and replaced them with an Object, Here is a small snippet of code.<object id="sn0n" type="image/png" data="./images/sn0n-rob_douglas.png" width="200" height="150"><span class="person">Rob Douglas</span></object>Now what this does, and this is the part i LOVE, is it makes the image look fine in firefox, being the compliant browser it is, and makes it say Rob Douglas in IE, with no image 😀

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