Ok, so i decided to join #html on irc.freenode.net this morning, and attempt to show off My Site, and get told that its not true xhtml1.1 like it claims, So on a holy search, i look around google for a minute and find the holy grail of what im looking for.. a cute lil php script that makes Firefox only return “Content-type: application/xhtml+xml” instead of the normal/typical “Content-type: text/html” that normally gets spit out by servers for the friendly browsers to render.. So whats this really mean? Honestly no clue, but i like that Firefox does what it should, and displays my site perfect. 😀 And on a side note, im kinda lookin forward to testing IE 7 and see if it can keep up with all the novelties that im learning and traps im setting to discourage IE use on sn0n.com.

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